Bowls Management Committee Feedback



Hilary McClure, Kate Schipp, Margaret Bellchambers, Ray McInnes, Mark Carter, Jim Saunders, Graeme Marks, Steve Vince.


Hilary Merritt, Deb McGown



Hilary McClure moved that the minutes be confirmed, seconded by Margaret Bellchambers.



Steve Vince to order 25 and 50 year membership badges for distribution on Presentation Day.



Mark Carter sent a letter to David Pruss of ACT Bowls regarding the manner in which the greens assessment was carried out in relation to the suitability of CNBC greens for the upcoming ACT Champion of Club Champions Singles Tournaments. A reply is still outstanding.



Terry Doyle was unable to attend the meeting. However, Ray McInnes reported that Terry had been in contact with the Green Keepers Group and was assured that the CNBC greens are in similar condition to the greens at other ACT Clubs at the moment.



Ned Scanlan reported that July had come in on budget but the recent mask mandate had slowed trading, making the net profit down a little on the same period last year.

Funds have been allocated for the purchase of a replacement mower and once Terry Doyle obtains a firm quote the purchase will proceed as soon as possible.

Plans for the modifications to the club house are coming together with the business case indicating that once current “back of house” areas are incorporated into usable venue space that a positive revenue return could be expected by year two and possibly even after one year.

There was a general discussion regarding the future possible development of a fourth green and Mark Carter suggested that the RUC could possibly use the findings in the recent ACT Government’s RSM report to obtain some of the funding for this project.

Ned was asked whether the RUC would consider Bowling Club information, results etc. being displayed on one TV screen in the club house in a rotating format. He was open to this idea and said we could look at installing the software and templates package that the RUC currently uses for this purpose on the CNBC computer. This could then be uploaded to run in conjunction on the TV that the RUC currently uses for the same purpose.

The BMC will need to identify a member with the expertise to help with setting this program up.

Steve Vince will talk to one or two members who it was thought might like to assist in this and to report back.


Mark Carter confirmed that CNBC still has the hosting rights to the ATC Champion of Club Champion’s Singles tournaments on 7/8 August. But if heavy rain should fall on the days prior to the event it might still be moved to another venue.

Margaret Bellchambers suggested that it would be a prudent move to look at installing a defibrillator in the club house. Ned Scanlan said that he could see no reason why this would be a problem.

Steve Vince has undertaken to contact St John’s Ambulance to ascertain the costs and steps that will need to be taken in regard to the installation and training required in this matter. Agreed

There was a general discussion regarding the issue of private sponsorship branding being attached to official club uniforms on an ad hoc basis by individuals. It was noted that the club has a standard uniform and that any changes to the appearance of that uniform has to, in the first instance, be approved by Bowls ACT.

Kate Schipp moved that any private sponsorship artwork should only be applied to non CNBC uniforms. If applied to a CNBC uniform it can then only be worn on “mufti” days, not tournaments.

Seconded by Hilary McClure.




A motion of thanks was passed for the sterling work that has been done by all retiring members of the current BMC including Graeme Marks, Kate Schipp, Jim Saunders and Ray McInnes.



A membership application was received from Stephen Holgate as a dual member with Yass Bowling Club and was approved.




President                                                                            Secretary




Hilary McClure, Kate Schipp, Hilary Merritt, Deb McGown, Margaret Bellchambers, Ray McInnes,

M Carter, Steve Vince.


Jim Saunders, Graeme Marks, Terry Doyle, Ned Scanlan



Hilary McClure moved that the minutes be confirmed, seconded by Deb McGown.



Steve Vince presented the design for 25 and 50 year membership badges based on the normal membership badges currently in use.

It was agreed that Steve will extract records of long term membership from club record and present the proposed list of badges to be made up at the next meeting.

Margaret Bellchambers undertook to follow up her request to RUC management for a more user friendly link to social bowls and bowls membership in general on their web page.

Hilary Merritt reported that she now has a number of smaller sized shirts on order for lady bowlers.



An email was received from Bowls ACT advising that due to the high status of the upcoming event to be hosted at CNBC they will be attending on Thursday 8 July to inspect the status of the greens that will be in use for the Men’s and Women’s Singles Champion of Club Champions event in August.



Terry Doyle was unable to attend the meeting but had reported to Steve Vince that he was happy with the condition of greens one and two given the time of year but notes again that green three will need extra attention later in the year after they come out of hibernation.

Terry also said that he intends to turn green two in the opposite direction in the next week or so and that will also allow him and Joe to install the last of the new sun shades on the eastern side of the green which will complete that project.



Ned Scanlan was unable to attend the meeting due to being on leave but provided the following report by email updating the current situation:

“I’ll present a summary of the FY21.22 association budget at the next meeting.

There isn’t much to report this week: Financials: the actuals are performing in line with the budget.

Clubhouse: the master plan is progressing but nothing to report.

Covid: management is prepared for any escalations in restrictions or changes in government directions. Compliance audits will increase in frequency and the membership is being reminded about this.”


Hilary Merritt also reported that it is anticipated that there will be provision in the upcoming budget for a new mower and roller and that any alterations required in relation to the internal design of the club house will be staged to minimise disruption. She also advised that Management is continuing to look at what grants might be available to assist in further developments.



Mark Carter sought agreement from the committee for the circulation to all members of his summary of the results of the meeting of interested members held on Saturday 26 June in relation to the proposed pennants review.

This was agreed and Steve Vince will send this out shortly.

It was further agreed that a sub-committee should be formed after the Annual Meeting of Bowling Members on 22 August to implement the suggestions that came out of the Pennant Review meeting. The sub-committee will consist of Mark Carter, Hilary McClure and Steve Vince.


Margaret Bellchambers confirmed Wednesday 29 September as the date for the 2021 Sports Day as well as proposing that the format will be along similar lines to the very successful 2019 event. The social sub-committee will be assisting her in the running of this event. However other members might need to be approached nearer the time to assist on the day.


Kate Schipp requested the Association be approached regarding the possibility of three tables of 6 places being booked permanently in the top corner of the clubhouse behind the gas fireplace for use by social bowlers on Saturdays from 12 noon to 3.30 pm.

Ideally these would be just inside the windows facing out onto greens one and two.

Kate felt that his would assist greatly in enabling players to congregate in one area to socialise and promote a sense of camaraderie after their games.

Steve Vince agreed to follow this up.


Steve Vince requested the meeting appoint an experienced controlling body to oversee the running of the upcoming Men’s and Women’s ACT Champion of Club Champions singles tournament to be hosted by CNBC over 7/8 August. Steve has to date put preliminary bookings in place for greens etc. for the two days but would prefer an experienced person to take overall control given the high status of these championships.

Hilary Merritt volunteered to be the front person for this event however Steve and other members of the committee will continue to give assistance before and on the days of the event.




Steve Vince will draw up timelines for requests for and the publication of notices of motion from members to be presented at the Annual Meeting of Bowling Members on 22 August that will require a vote.

He will also call for nominations to fill any positions that may be becoming vacant on the Bowls Management Committee and the boards of selectors once these vacancies are identified.


Mark Carter advised that he has followed up with the importer of the coloured barefoot/special event bowls and has been advised that they should be available for delivery at the end of July. Should they be further delayed the committee may then look at options that might include a cancellation of the order.



Mark Carter, Hilary McClure and Steve Vince will be attending a meeting this evening at the offices of ACT Bowls along with representatives of the other ACT Based Bowling Clubs to be briefed on proposals from ACT Bowls on how they perceive we should proceed regarding the findings of the ACT Government’s RSM report into the future of Lawn Bowls in the ACT.

Mark also noted that we ended the financial year with 167 financial members which was a net gain over the year of approximately 30. Mark also noted however that there are a number of these new members who have actual played none or very little social bowls after joining.

He felt it might be appropriate that we firstly follow up with these particular members and also that we instigate a “meet and greet” day/evening with all new members once in a while to help them integrate into the club.

It was agreed that this was something worth considering and will be followed up.


As Hilary Merritt reported in business arising, a new stock of women’s club shirts are now on order, these will mostly be of a smaller size. However the ordering of pants is more problematic in regard to leg length and it was suggested that members might find it easier to order bottle green bowls pants and shorts from on-line sellers. Likewise specific sizes need to be ordered and prepaid for club jackets due to the cost of these items.






To be held on Wednesday 4 August 2021. This might be an abbreviated meeting of pressing matters only due to the Annual Meeting of Bowling Members being due soon after on 22 August.






President                                                                            Secretary