Bowls Management Committee Feedback




Stephen Vince, Kate Schipp, Hilary Merritt.

Confirmation of minutes of last meeting

Deb McGown moved that the minutes be confirmed, seconded by Hilary MClure.


The only correspondence has been circulars from Bowls ACT and some invitations from other clubs for tournaments they are holding. These have been forwarded to members by the Secretary.

Business arising

The ACT Women’s Over 60s Fours are to be held at CNBC on May 18-20. WE still need volunteers to act as the controlling body and to help out more generally. Jim Saunders offered to be a helper. The President and Secretary will have to follow up to find a convenor and some more helpers. They will also have to contact Bruce Pink to make sure we have umpires available.

The Secretary has followed up on the purchase of new name badges and has notified members that an order will be placed if there is interest.

It was agreed not to ask for a lock for the Bowls Office. There is every chance that the location of the office will be moved in the future.

Report from Association

There was not much to report.

Following a question from a BMC member about occasional incorrect behaviour by barefoot bowlers, it was agreed to remind bowling members that such behaviour is to be brought to the attention of RUC staff. Members are not to approach barefoot bowlers directly.

Agenda items

The question of whether CNBC should introduce a “virtual” notice board for members to note their intention to play bowls on a particular day was discussed (paper notices have been defaced or removed, or false names added). It was agreed in principle that it was a good idea. We will need to look at what should be the medium. We would need to retain the option of ringing in to register interest in bowling for those members who do not have access to electronic media.

Graham Marks suggested we investigate the possible use of Bowlslink as a virtual notice board. The President will follow up with Bowls ACT.

The committee also discussed the possibility of extending the rubber/grass mesh on the walkway between the number 1 green and the clubhouse. The Secretary will be asked to discuss this matter with Terry Doyle.

Greens report

Ray McInnes gave a brief greens report. Number 1 and 2 greens are in pretty good shape. Number 3 green is not as good but that is due to the large amount of wear and tear over the past 6 months and the poor growing conditions during the same period.

Ray suggested the BMC invite Terry Doyle to BMC meetings so that we can hear directly from Terry about the state of the greens. The suggestion was agreed to.

Other business

Margaret Bellchambers gave a rundown on progress with the King and Queen tournament. Everything seems to be well under control. There are 30 team entries, about half from CNBC and half from other clubs.

Next meeting

To be held on Wednesday 2 June 2021.





President                                                                            Secretary





Mark Carter, Hilary McClure, Hilary Merritt, Margaret Bellchambers, Deb McGown, Graeme Marks, Ray McInnes, Jim Saunders, Steve Vince, Ned Scanlan.



Kate Schipp



The minutes of the previous meeting were presented. Deb McGown moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Hilary McClure.



Hilary Merritt reported that final stages in the planning for the upcoming Bowls ACT Men’s Over 60 Pairs Championship to be hosted by CNBC over April 20-22 are coming together well.

A number of members will be in attendance early to assist with the collecting of green fees, helping to streamline the Covid-19 compliance, possible sales of stock such as chalk spray and grippo and to assist with housekeeping in general.




Ned said that he wanted to speak about three matters.

He reported that the club continues to trade well and that debt has been paid down quicker than budgeted despite the constraints of trading during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Greens fees are up by 15% on last year and the green keepers shed is near to being fully utilised and hopefully the shipping containers will be removed soon.

And finally Ned advised that the Board has decided to keep the draft master plan on the future development of the club as a Board in Confidence document for the time being. He said this approach was taken as it was considered desirable to have the regulatory approval process ready to be actioned first.

But he confirmed once again that the BMC and bowling members will be consulted in the first instance on any alterations that will have an effect of them.



Financial assistance to Beau, Nathan and Rob re attendance at Australian Championship evet.

In response from a request from Ned Scanlan, Mark Carter will provide an estimation of the costs that are expected to be met personally by the participants to enable the Association to establish the level of assistance that can be offered.


Pennant Review

Mark Carter signalled that he considered a review to be timely and beneficial to both improve performance along with a clarification of the philosophy and aims that the Club is striving to achieve from participation in the pennant competition.

Mark volunteered to speak to several members with the intention of setting up a team to perform this review and to report back on the findings and suggestions.



CNBC King and Queen Mixed Pairs Tournament 15-16 May 2021

Margaret Bellchambers reported that the response to this tournament is very gratifying with 28 confirmed teams now entered.

This has guaranteed that the tournament will be financially viable and should be one of the highlights of this year’s events at CNBC.

It was agreed that an umpire should be in attendance and Margaret will speak to Bruce Pink to see if he can officiate.

The RUC is providing two $100.00 vouchers and Ray McInnes confirmed that IGA Lynham is also donating two $50.00 vouchers as raffle prizes.

There will also be a selection of the usual beverages included in the prizes on offer.

Margaret suggested that we consider preselling some of the raffle tickets to club members along with sales on the day and this was supported by the meeting.


Club badges for CNBC Executive and Committee members

Hilary McClure suggested that the club look to purchasing more stock of badges to be worn by officials mainly to assist new members identify who to speak to if they need any assistance.

Steve Vince offered to look at availability and costs and report back.





Change of day of month for future BMC meetings

Steve Vince reported that unfortunately the board room is now booked out on the second Wednesday of the month for the foreseeable future.

He advised that we can lock in a booking for either the first or third Wednesday of the month at 12.30 pm.

It was decided to move the BMC meetings to the first Wednesday monthly in future, effective next month and that has now been locked in for 18 months.


ACT Women’s Over 60 Fours Championship May 18-20

Steve Vince advised that he has booked three greens for Tuesday 18th of May with further reduced bookings for the 19th and 20th on the same basis as with the upcoming Men’s Over 60 Pairs event.

Mark Carter agreed to sound out several members to help co-ordinate this event.





Ray McInnes reported that Terry Doyle is currently costing the replacement backing and adhesive for all three greens as well as the replacement of the mower and roller.

Green one will be brought back into play later this week.

Deb McGown asked if our greens are rotated in the direction of play. She was advised that they are rotated but probably not as frequently as at some other clubs. Hilary Merritt suggested we might consider a shorter period of rotation to help minimise the wear in one direction.

Ray offered to talk to Terry about this.

Hilary Merritt noted that the practice of dropping bowls during the delivery appears to becoming a bit more prevalent.

Following a discussion it was agreed that we should observe our bowlers and if someone is consistently dropping bowls we will politely approach them and suggest that they may want to try a bowling arm as dropping the bowls causes damage to the greens.


Hilary Merritt also said that she has seen the practice of ladies wearing non bowling shoes (sneakers) for pennant games becoming more prevalent. It is possible that the same is occurring for men’s pennants but no examples were provided to the meeting.

Mark Carter suggested that it might be best that any reminder of the requirement to wear approved bowling shoes should originate from Bowls ACT. To that end he believed that Ciaran O’Rourke the Executive Officer of Bowls ACT should be asked to circulate the requirement that Bowls Australia approved shoes must be worn for ACT events if he considers it necessary.

Mark said he will raise this with Ciaran.



Membership applications were received from Rosalind Tosic, Robert Edmonds, David Jones and George Pentes and have been approved.




Next meeting

Proposed for 12:30pm Wednesday 5 May 2021.




Stephen Vince                                                   Mark Carter

Secretary                                                             President