Bowls Management Committee

Under the new Club By-Laws the Bowls Management Committee (BMC) is the body that will manage all bowling activities in the Club apart from barefoot bowls.

The BMC will have eight members as follows:

Bowls President

Bowls Vice President

BMC Secretary

Championship Director – Male

Championship Director – Female

Bowls Co-ordinator


One nominee each from the Mens’ Selectors and Womens’ Selectors

The duties of these positions are as follows:

  • The Bowls President is the Chair of the BMC and represents the Bowling Members of the Club, and is responsible for liaising with the Board and Management on bowling activities at the Club.
  • The Bowls Vice–President assists the President and is responsible for recruitment, publicity, promotion and development of bowling at the Club.
  • The BMC Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the BMC, correspondence, liaison and bowls membership registers.


  • The Championship Directors, in consultation with the Bowls Co-ordinators is responsible for the conduct of the Club Championships competition.


  • Bowls Co-ordinators are responsible for the management and control of all social and competition play (excluding Club Championships and Club representative games managed by the Championship Director, and barefoot bowls run by the club management) on the Bowling Greens. Bowls co-ordinators will be assisted by an appointed sub-committee of volunteer bowlers.


NOTE: Members of the BMC are appointed for a period of two years with half the members retiring each year. In the case of this initial election to the Bowls Management Committee half the members will retire in 2015 by drawing lots or by agreement. Retiring members are eligible for re-election.

Paul Ferrar

Hon Secretary                                                                                                 October 3, 2014