Club By-laws



(As Amended 18 September 2018)


Terms defined in the Rules and Constitution of the Association have the same meaning in these By-Laws.





1.1     The Bowls Management Committee (BMC) shall comprise six members, elected by, and from the Bowling Members, plus a nominee from each of the men and women Selectors together with a Greens representative.

1.2     Membership

The BMC officer bearers shall be:

Bowls President;

Bowls Vice-President;

BMC Secretary;

Championship Director -male;

Championship Director  – female;

Bowls Coordinator;

One nominee from each of the men and women Selectors; and

A Green’s representative appointed by the BMC.


The Board may appoint one of its Directors to the BMC.

1.3        General meeting

The BMC must, at least once in each calendar year, and as soon as practicable after the 30th June, call an annual meeting of the Bowling Members (Bowling Meeting).

The business of the Bowling Meeting is:

  • to confirm the minutes of the last annual Bowling Meeting and of any general bowling meeting held since that meeting;
  • to receive from the BMC reports on the activities of the BMC during the last year;
  • to elect the BMC office bearers;
  • to consider any changes to the bowls program, and
  • to consider any matters relating to the organisation of bowls.


A quorum for a general bowling meeting shall be 20 Bowling Members, eligible to vote.


  1.4   Election of Bowls Management Committee members.

At least 35 days prior to the Bowling Meeting the Secretary of the BMC   shall invite written nominations for the BMC office bearer positions from  the Bowling Members, on a form prescribed by the BMC.

BMC office bearers shall be appointed for two years, with half the committee retiring each year. Retiring office bearers are eligible for re-election to the same position for one additional two-year term. This limitation does not apply to Selectors or the Greens representative.

Nominations of candidates for election as office-bearers of the BMC –

(i) must be made  in writing  signed  by 2 Bowling Members of the Association and  accompanied by the written consent of the  candidate (which may  be endorsed on the nomination form); and

(ii) must be given to the Secretary of the BMC not less than 14 days before the date fixed  for the annual  meeting at which  the election for BMC office bearers is to take place.

If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the BMC, the candidates nominated are taken as elected and further nominations may be received at the annual Bowling Meeting.

If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled the people nominated are taken as elected.

If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of  vacancies to be filled a secret ballot must be held.

Ballot papers shall be available on the notice board and/or by email 12 days before the date fixed for the annual Bowling Meeting at which the election is to take place.

A person is not eligible to simultaneously hold more than 1 position on  the BMC.

In the event of a vacancy on the BMC, the Bowls President, or a nominee approved by the BMC, may appoint a member to fill the vacancy.


1.5   Responsibilities.

 The BMC is responsible:

  • to the Board for the duties outlined in the Rules;
  • for arranging the election of office bearers and Selectors;
  • for appointing the Match Committee; and
  • for appointing individuals or sub-committees to assist in carrying out its responsibilities.

1.6  Duties.                                            

  • The Bowls President is the Chair of the BMC and represents the Bowling Members of the Club and is responsible for liaising with the Board and Management on bowling activities at the Club.
  • The Bowls Vice –President assists the President in addressing all bowling related matters.
  • The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the BMC, correspondence, liaison and bowls membership registers.
  • The Championship Directors are responsible for the conduct of the Club Championships competition.
  • The Bowls Co-ordinator is responsible for the management and control of all social and competition play (excludes Club Championships, Club representative games and barefoot bowls) on the Bowling Greens. Volunteer coordinators will assist the Bowls Coordinator.




2.1.1   A Match Committee chaired by the Bowls Coordinator and with a minimum of 4 appointed bowling members shall be established from the men and women bowlers of the Club.

The Match Committee shall:

  • in consultation with the Championship Directors develop and maintain an annual schedule of Club bowls competitions and events;
  • recommend to the BMC conditions of play for social bowls and events, including championships;
  • develop proposals for additional events or activities and make recommendations to the BMC;
  • make recommendations to the BMC regarding disputes arising from Championship events
  • co-ordinate the Club’s hosting of  Bowls ACT and other events;
  • make recommendations to the BMC regarding the use of the Club’s greens for roll ups / practice; and
  • perform such other duties as requested by the BMC.



Selection Committees shall be established for each of the men and women bowlers of the Club.

2.2.1  Membership

  • Each Selection Committee shall consist of up to four bowling members as determined by the BMC each year. The men’s and women’s Selection Committees will be elected annually by the men and women bowling members respectively. If required, a secret ballot will be held as soon as practicable after 30 June each year.
  • Each Selection Committee must appoint a Chair and in a year where there are four Selectors, if necessary, the Chair will have a deciding vote.
  • The Secretary of the BMC shall invite written nominations for membership of a Selection Committee from male or female Bowling Members on a form prescribed by the BMC.
  • All candidates are to be be nominated by two Bowling Members, in writing, and the nominees shall indicate their consent, in writing, to the nomination.
  • Nominators and Nominees must be eligible to be members of the respective male or female pennants teams,
  • Only Bowling Members may be nominated for or nominate members to the Selection Committee.
  • In the event of a member of a Selection Committee being unable to perform the functions of Selector, the Bowls President, or his nominee, may appoint a member to fill the vacancy.


2.2.2   Duties:

The BMC having determined the programme of games for the season, it shall be the function of the Selection Committee to:

  • select players for pennant games;
  • allot positions in which those selected shall play, and to arrange substitutes where necessary; and
  • perform such other duties as directed by the BMC.



       3.1  CHAMPIONSHIPS:

  • All championships and inter-club competitions shall be governed by the Laws of the Game of Bowls as laid down from time to time by the Bowls Australia / Bowls ACT;
  • Club competitions other than championships shall be played under the conditions determined by the Match Committee;
  • Club Major Singles and Pairs, Triples, Fours, and Minor Singles and Pairs, and Handicap Singles and Pairs Championships and Mixed events shall be played each year;
  • Only Bowling Members who have not played in Club Championships with another Club in the same event during the relevant Championship year may enter the Club Championships;
  • The Minor Singles Championships shall be open to all ordinary bowling members except those who have won any Clubs’ Singles Championship except Handicap singles;
  • The Minor Pairs Championships shall be open to all ordinary bowling members except those who have won any Clubs’ Pairs Championship except Handicap pairs;
  • Subject to the use of a substitute, a player or team drawn to play shall play or forfeit the game;
  • Winners of Major and Minor Singles, Major Pairs, Triples and Fours Championships shall be listed on the Club Honour Board;
  • Each winner of a Championship shall be awarded a Club Badge and / or bar inscribed with the name and year of the Championship.


 3.2        Prizes

All prizes presented to, or offered by, the Club for competition shall be in accordance with the rules of Bowls Australia. CNBC reserves the option to use RUC Awards as prizes instead of cash.

3.3        Damage to Greens

  • Players shall not cause damage to the green surface by bouncing a bowl in delivery, standing on the ditch-edge of the green, unnecessary foot action, wearing heeled footwear, or otherwise. (Bowls Australia’s Greens Protection Policy refers).
  • A player causing damage to the greens may be warned by any of the BMC, Official Umpire, or either of the Skips on the rink, and if the offence continues, it shall be reported to the BMC who will determine what action shall be taken.

 3.4   Coaching:

  • A panel of accredited coaches available to act as coaches may be established by the BMC.
  • Playing members and intending playing members may arrange coaching with any of the coaching panel either directly or through the BMC.
  • A player who has been reported for causing damage to the green may be required to undertake corrective coaching and to be accepted for play only when cleared by the coach.

3.5   Practice:

  • Practice shall be allowed only at times and in a manner authorised by the BMC and the greenkeeper (eg when it doesn’t interfere with Championships and Social Bowls).

3.6   Bowling Visitors:

  • The greens shall be open to visitors introduced by members of the Club.
  • When a greater number of players than can be accommodated are present on any occasion, members introducing visiting players shall stand down from play in favour of the visitors introduced by them, unless arrangements are made to the contrary.

3.7   Player Behaviour

  • The BMC is authorised to sanction bowling members who misbehave while playing either social bowls, Championships, Pennants or Bowls ACT sanctioned events




4.1 Club Badge and Colours:

      • The Club Badge shall display the words “Canberra North Bowling Club”; a map of Australia in light green, centrally, with a bowl in the location of Canberra; a pine tree in dark green on each side (symbolising Haig Park);  and a gold rising sun at bottom with rays crossing a dark red ground.
      • The colours of the Club shall be dark red and light green, ie the red and green of the Club badge.


4.2   Use of Club Name:

  • Members are not permitted, without the consent of the BMC, to use the name of, or the initials of the CNBC in the title of any function or organisation.

4.3  Dress:

  • Members are to present themselves in a clean and tidy manner at all times
  • Bowls Australia approved clothing is to be worn (preferably Club uniform) for Club Championship.

4.4  Complaints:

  • A member who has a bowls related complaint, shall lodge such complaint in writing, with the BMC Secretary.
  • The BMC may appoint a member or several members to consider the complaint and make a recommendation to the BMC.

           4.5   Damage to Club Property:

  • A member who breaks or damages any article, the property of the Club, shall pay for such damage on demand.

4.6  Members Bowls:

  • The Secretary of the BMC shall allocate lockers and maintain a register of such allocations. Items placed by a bowler in a locker not allocated to them may be removed from that locker by the Club Secretary
  • Bowling Members who stores bowls in the Club lockers shall in the event of fire and burglary be subject to the Associations insurance policy.

4.7  Members Property:

  • Subject to By-Law 4.6 the Club will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any articles left on the Club premises by or for any member of the Club, and no receipt shall be given for any article left by or for any member.

            4.8   Use of Bowls:

  • No member shall use another member’s bowls without their permission.

4.9   Unregistered Bowling Members:

  • Unregistered bowlers have no entitlement to the use of the bowling greens other than for the purposes of barefoot bowls. An exception is to apply for those who are new to bowls and wish to try the sport for a limited time before becoming a member.

4.10   Achievements record:

  • An achievement record will be maintained and subject to prior approval of the BMC any member, team or side winning an important event such as State and Inter-state matches may have that win recorded.



  • Any amendment or addition to Bylaws impinging on the conduct of Bowls must be in agreement with the BMC.
  • The BMC is the authorised representative of the Board for the day to day interpretation and implementation of the Bylaws relating to the conduct of Bowls. A bowler must accept the decision of the BMC, or its authorised representative, but has the right of appeal to the Board.
  • A member is directly responsible for the actions and behaviour of any guest on a particular day and must account to the Board for any contravention of the Club’s General By-Laws by his/her guest.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements or any other Club By-Laws will be regarded as a misdemeanour under the By-Laws and may result in the expulsion or suspension of membership as provided under the Rules.