CNBC’s Covid Safe Plan


A Plan for a Return to Play in a COVID-Safe Environment



  • Access to the Club including the deck is now possible without making a booking. Bar service is available, subject to members abiding by social distancing requirements.
    • However, it is recommended to make a booking for larger groups as there are still restrictions on the number of people permitted in various areas of the Club.
  • Alcohol can be purchased from the Bar and consumed adjacent to the Greens but only if consumed while seated.
  • Social bowls, Club Championships and Bowls ACT Events are now permitted.


  • We have now reverted to the previous booking system for members wishing to play social bowls (by telephone 62477703 or by placing names on noticeboard lists).
    • Informal roll up or practice sessions involving up to 3 bowlers is now permitted, subject to reception confirming the availability of rinks.
    • Spectators are now permitted near the Greens consistent with social distancing requirements. The total number of players and spectators not to exceed 100 per green.
  • Coordinators will keep a record of those participating in social bowls by lodging the daily attendance sheets in the tray located in the Bowls Office.
    • to assist tracking if needed
  • Members are still encouraged to download the COVID19 App.
  • The duration of social bowls sessions will revert to normal rather than being restricted to two hours.
  • A CNBC supervisor/coordinator will be present at each social bowls session.


  • Any items touched by bowlers such as mats, jacks and shades are to be cleaned before and after play
    • Disinfectant spray will be available next to the mat/jack box
  • No drinks or personal bowls equipment to be shared (bowls, cloths, measures).
  • If scoreboards are to be used, they are to be wiped down before and after play and only used by one person on each rink (wipes will be provided).


  • Stay away if you are unwell or your health is compromised in any way.
  • Social Distancing measures are to be implemented by:
    • Limiting the number of players and spectators on each Green to 100
      • There is no longer a need to maintain a vacant rink between rinks of players
    • One player designated to place each mat and jack
  • Good hygiene is to be practiced.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available beside each Green
    • Should be used before and after play
    • Hand washing also encouraged before and after play
  • Club toilets are accessible to bowlers. Members must sign in or swipe their membership card when entering the Club to use these facilities.
  • Members may now use the Club before and after bowls for purchase of food and/or drink. Sign in or RUC card swipe is necessary on entry.


  • Any member who comes down with Flu-like symptoms must contact the Secretary, Mark Carter ( Tel: 0401149352) and they will need to arrange to be tested asap.
  • In the event of an incident such as an individual testing positive, all those who have attended a session with that person will be notified and encouraged to be tested for COVID 19.
  • Further bowling activity would cease until authorities were satisfied it was appropriate to resume.
  • Bowls ACT would be advised of the incident at the earliest opportunity.

27 JULY 2020